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My name is Dan Meehan, My wife & I opened JD's
Sweets N' Treats in 2010 (as of January 2012 we
have changed our name to JD's Sweet Tooth
Bakery). I grew up in Somersworth NH, With a
Mother that was a baker and taught me my love
for cooking. While recovering from an injury I
sustained as a local firefighter I started to play
around with Baking & Chocolates, one thing lead
to another & We Opened The Bakery.
I am still a full time firefighter in the City of Rochester, As well as being a local historian,  which can
make running my own business a challenge, but they are all things I love and I am blessed to be able to
juggle them. We recently made the decision to make some changes and closed down our shop as well. It
was a hard decision to make but one that has strengthened our business and increased or opportunities.
The fact that our goodies are not just made from scratch but also most are made with local ingredients
and even local recipes and that nothing is FROZEN or out of a BOX has helped us grow our business.
My Irish Decent can be found as a strong influence in
Breads, Candy, & Stews but also shows up in more
unique items such as our Guinness Beer Whoopie Pies
& Cupcakes. I can say we treat every holiday with
special attention but we go that extra mile for St.
Patrick's Day!
In the upcoming year we have many exciting things in the works. So please make sure you friend us on Facebook so that you can know
what is coming up! So if you have a sweet tooth, or special occasion coming up? Come on in and if you don't see what you're looking
for, just ask.